European Ranger Congress 2017: an overview

So two weeks ago, the European Ranger Congress brought together staff and volunteers from across Europe (and beyond) to talk about the future of nature conservation. If you think that would be an inspirational event to attend, you’re not wrong!

The 4th European Ranger Congress took place 9-13th May in Litomerice, near the Bohemian Central Uplands of the Czech Republic. People from 26 countries attended, people who are working or volunteering as Rangers (and allied professions) in their own countries.

RangingFar - European-Ranger-Congress-Opening-Ceremony
Flying the flags at the Opening Ceremony

The conference was packed full of presentations, workshops, field trips and cultural activities (you can see the programme here!). Delegates were also offered a choice of post-congress field trip if they chose to stay on after the main conference. This was the 4th European Ranger Congress to take place, and it was a landmark event for a number of reasons. For one, it saw the founding of the European Ranger Federation, a new body within the International Ranger Federation that will further help to bring together rangers from across Europe.

RangingFar - European-Ranger-Congress-Tom-Heenan
Tom at the European Ranger Congress

118 people attended ERC 2017, including everyone from Junior Rangers and volunteer rangers up to the executive director of EUROPARC Federation and the president of the International Ranger Federation. I was one of 15 from the UK, each one representing hundreds more people in the sector that weren’t able to attend. That is why, as one of the lucky people that attended, I want to share as much as I can with you about the experience.

I’m excited to share more with you about this special event, and I’d particularly like to share with you some of the wise words that were shared with me there. The conference was so full of information and inspiration that I’ve got lots more to share with you! So, as always, please watch this space. I’ll be posting more about the European Ranger Congress soon.

[You can see my first post from the European Ranger Congress, “First Photos”, or read the latest ERC piece “Rangers Without Borders” – a post about international cooperation!]

RangingFar - European-Ranger-Congress-FieldTrip
European rangers in their natural habitat…

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